FIFA 23 Ultimate Team™


As the FIFA World Cup™ Knockout stages begin, it’s time to celebrate the players who have written past and present FIFA World Cup™ headlines for their national teams.

From starring for their country at a first FIFA World Cup™ in over 30 years to scoring the clinching goal in one of the upsets of the tournament so far and more, FIFA World Cup™ Stories Player Items recognise a headline contribution on the world’s biggest stage.

See the full main release of FIFA World Cup™ Stories Player Items now in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team™, with a mini release to follow on Sunday 4th December. FIFA World Cup™ Stories Player Items will be in packs for a limited time.

The FIFA World Cup™ Stories campaign will also see the release of team two of FIFA World Cup™ ICONs, with new past greats of the game available in FUT 23.

As the knockout rounds start, you’ll also be able to add new players to your squad via Squad Building Challenges and Objectives. This will include Showdown SBCs for select knockout matches that will pit two teams against each other for the chance to earn a ratings boost.


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